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quite a difference: our choir    —    You-Go! Gospel Celebration Choir   and   You-Go! Gospel Singers








You-Go!  Gospel Celebration Choir and  You-Go! Gospel Band are our regular music project in Cologne and Hamburg.

We also sing traditional und popular songs, but mainly Contemporary Black Gospel. 2012 we started to sing also our own songs and arrangements.

You-Go! Gospel Singers and You-Go! Gospel Celebration Choir are independent of particular Churches. Our singers belong to different denominations, cultures and nations. Thus our youthful and open music group reprensents the spirit of the first European Youth Gospel Festival in 2011, from where it started.












Singing with us

 Gospel Celebration Choir® are open to new members, who love to sing.

We sing contemporary gospel and we are are a cool, agile and adventurous social group.

If you do not sing, but play an instrument, you might be interested to join our band. And if you like to dance, join our dance group.

Rehearsals are taking place in Cologne.









You-Go! Gospel Singers and You-Go! Gospel Celebration Choir can be booked for different occasions.

And if we don’t have time, our agency will help you to find other good artists.

For details please send an e-Mail to:













You-Go! Gospel Singers,You-Go! Gospel Celebration Choir &You-Go! Gospel Band ist ein eingetragener geschützter Bandname.